ZUMIMALL Technology Dash and Rear View Cameras with Mirror Monitor is a new wired kit with 2 cameras, a large mirror monitor touch screen, Wifi and Bluetooth 4+, GPS and 3 warning signals. A 32GB micro card is included. This all adds up to a lot of features.


The Monitor gives an almost 8” viewing screen so controls are clear and easy to  use. The mirror is tinted to aid night driving. Both cameras’ video footage is recorded simultaneously but the mirror view is to the rear when the vehicle is in reverse rear.

GPS allows maps on the screen and combining Bluetooth and a phone it is possible to make hands free calls via the monitor.

The dashcam is HD and 1080P at 30FPS and the backup camera is 720P.

This system includes warnings for lane departure, forward collision and noting when the vehicle ahead moves lanes.

G Sensor ensures safe storage of pre-collision video footage front and rear.

Our Conclusion:

The customer response and reaction to support service from Zumimall has been good.  This system is not cheap, but is full of useful features and good support.  It is worth looking at.  To find out more, click on the image below: