This inexpensive Yi Mirror dual camera kit is a wired system with a front facing 1080p HD camera, and rear 720p HD camera.

WiFi is built in for checking or downloading video footage via Yi’s App. The battery will give slightly longer time to operate the controls than most dashcams which is a bonus.

The monitor is a replacement mirror that clips over your existing rearview mirror. The monitor touch screen is 4.3” with all settings and controls on it. When reversing the screen will show a clear view of what is behind the vehicle. However, whilst driving you have a choice of normal mirror view or the image from the reversing camera.

Included is a Driver alert signal that sounds after 2 hours driving which is quite cool.

Emergency recording is covered by a G Sensor so footage preceding an accident will be safeguarded in case it is required as evidence.

The Dash camera provides excellent images day and night from an angle of view of 138°.

The Reverse camera shows good pictures over a wide angle. It has an IP67 waterproof rating which is fine. The screen will automatically show video from the back camera when the car is in reverse gear.

There is sufficient cable for most cars and small vans to install both dash and backup cameras.

Our Advice:

Although this kit is not as sophisticated as more expensive dual camera systems, it is good value, and provides decent dashcam and backup cameras for cars and vans. We recommend its consideration.

Alternatively, you might like to consider the Toguard 1080P Dual Camera for similar specs and price.  See below for our full review.

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