Some Dash cameras and dual backup and dashcam recorders offer Wifi or Bluetooth for downloading recorded footage.  So which is best for this application?

Wifi transmits data via the internet from one device to another – usually computers, whereas Bluetooth uses a dedicated radio frequency to send data between digital devices over a short distance – usually phones.

However, both computers and phones can transmit via Wifi and Bluetooth provided they are set up to operate these systems.

Dash cameras and their recorders collect their footage on SD cards (secure digital). If the recorder includes either a Wifi or Bluetooth facility then you can download footage to a phone, tablet or computer. Practically this means ensuring that both devices have Bluetooth on and are within about 20 feet of one another; or download the car camera’s software for Wifi to your computer.

Wifi is normally much faster in transferring data (up to ten times in ideal conditions) but not so secure. Bluetooth is secure and already available on most phones and Windows 10.  So, take your pick.

Finally, you might decide, as I did, that it is simpler and more convenient to extract the SD card from the recorder and insert it into your computer. Most card suppliers provide a card player.

In this way, you are completely in control.