This is a special safety message to senior drivers and those who care about their older relatives and friends.

The Problem:

Older drivers (aged over 65) are more likely to cause a road accident than those aged between 25 and 64.  However, they are far less likely to cause an accident than drivers under 25, according to statistics used by most motor insurers in USA and UK.

So if you are, say, 66 and your car is involved in a collision with a middle-aged driver’s vehicle then who is the favorite to be blamed? And as there are far more road users between 25 and 64 with good insurance records than any other age group, they provide the largest number of people likely to contest an insurance claim made by an older driver.

The Solution:

You might be fortunate and have a witness who is willing to back up your case.  But that's not always the case.  However, there is a range of gadgets that can be relied on to provide conclusive evidence of what happened and save a lot of money in repair bills and increased insurance premiums as well.

Yet it seems that senior motorists rarely take advantage of this inexpensive DVR technology to improve their safety and prove their case following a road accident.

For less than $100, they could fit dash cameras front and rear that record simultaneously all the time the car is being driven. These recordings provide obvious evidence of exactly what occurred just prior to -and after a collision or any other traffic incident.

Other reasons for fitting a car camera:

There are other major benefits to a car cameras installation too.

  1. Your dashcam can record sound as well which can be extremely useful following a road problem.
  2. Most will include a useful function as a witness if your car is bumped, scraped or broken into, by switching on the camera if it senses movement whilst the car is parked.  So, if your car was bumped or scratched by another driver who drove off and you didn’t have a dash cam, then you may not be able to track or find them.
  3. In fact, it could be said that by having a prominently placed dashcam on the car windscreen might encourage people to be more accountable and act responsibly.

This way, you have a defense and also an extra layer of security.

Backing Up:

  1. The rear or backup camera can also be a great help when reversing the car, particularly if the driver's movement is impaired.  The angle of view it presents is wider than the normal rearview mirror and covers those blind spot areas directly below the car trunk.
  2. Most reverse aid cameras include guide lines to aid parking. Some include either LED lights or Infrared to enhance images in poor light conditions.

A good starting point to find your new car safety system might be the Toguard-ce39 8-inch mirror monitor system.  We use this camera in our car and found it easy to install.  For full details, including a video to aid installation and that shows the camera working, follow the link below. 

Also, here at best vehicle backup cameras, we have reviews for many other different front and rear systems plus cameras for home security too.  To find out more, follow the links below: