This review is for the Toyota Tacoma Backup Camera Kit for Factory Radio (2014-2015).  It is a good example of an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) camera, designed to look as though it was fitted in the factory.


This new aftermarket kit is specifically designed for prewired Toyota Tacoma 2014 edition and since. You can ensure that the wiring is in place by checking the connector at the passenger side frame rail just in front of the rear bumper. You do need the Entune Audio Plus or the Entune Audio Premium radios to operate this backup rear camera option.


The advertisement states an installation time of 20 minutes which is almost certainly a bit optimistic for someone who has not done this before. It seems to take about an hour to install and there should be no drilling or wire splicing required. So a fairly straightforward do it yourself installation.

Screen View

Being a wired system there should be no problem with interference on the monitor. This utilises the  existing dashboard screen and the camera integrates with Toyota’s 6 volt audio set automatically so you will not require a voltage regulator.

The image offers 600 TV Lines – that is about 800 pixels from the camera. This uses a  CMOS ¼ inch lens and produces color pictures.

Colored parking guidelines on the monitor image certainly aid in reversing especially when you are new to backing and using a reversing camera. On some models you can remove these lines if you need a clearer image.


This appears a good addition to the aftermarket in backup camera systems and so far there seem to be good reports from users. If you own a Tacoma and want to upgrade your rear view facility then this is well worth a long look. Click on the image to see the best price on Amazon: