Here are our top recommendations for rear view, reverse or backup cameras.  We list the main features of each camera, plus give you the opportunity to read our full reviews to enable you to make the right buying choice for your vehicle

Auto-Vox M1W

Main features:

The system is simple to install with one wire from the camera that plugs into the wireless transmitter placed in the trunk and another cable from the transmitter wired into the reversing light connection. The  4.3”color Monitor is held in place on the dashboard or windscreen by a strong suction pad.

The charger has two ports so you can charge a portable device at the same time.

The backup camera has excellent night vision with high brightness LEDs.

It is fully waterproof and its fixing bracket installs firmly behind the license plate.

LeeKooLuu Backup Camera System

Main Features:

This waterproof rear facing camera is wireless controlled with a 4.3” mirror monitor that includes two video inputs, so you can add a Dashcam or a second reversing cam for a trailer. The monitor should clip on to all standard rear view mirrors and therefore work well on most vehicles.

The HD camera is installed on the license plate utilising the existing fixing screws or bolts. It has a IP68 rating for waterproofing and includes LEDs to enhance night vision.

Pyle Backup Camera

Main Features:

The monitor is contained in a replacement rear view mirror – not a clip on mirror.

It  has two video feeds and so can be used with other devices such as a Dashcam or a smart phone connected to Google Maps for GPS duty.

Pyle is a well-known name in this backup camera aftermarket and this particular reverse camera kit has received good reviews from buyers, commenting especially on the OEM replacement mirror as the monitor and the quality of the camera’s image both day and night.

Camecho 12v 24v

Main Features:

This wired system is ideal for larger vehicles and trailers.  It has two rear view Cameras and with a Monitor that has a 7 “ screen with high resolution. There are 2 video inputs controlled by V1/V2 buttons or by the remote control provided. This allows for independent views from two vantage points on the vehicle or trailer.

The reversing view Cameras have infrared lights for poor light conditions and IP68 waterproof ratings.


Main Features:

This is an inexpensive wired reverse camera system with a 4.3″ Monitor mounted on the dashboard.

The rear facing image will appear automatically when the car is in reverse gear but you can have that view full time on the monitor when driving if you wish.

Customer offers include an installation service, instruction manual or video.

The top 5 backup cameras compared

Autovox M1W
Wireless/Wired Wireless Wireless 1 Wired 1 Wired
2 Cams
Hard wired
Mount License Plate License Plate License Plate Brackets License Plate
Monitor Windscreen or Dash 4.3” Clip on Mirror Adhesive on Dash Stand on Dash 7” Replaced Mirror
Image resolution HD 1080P 560P 560P 800P 660P
Waterproof rating IP67/8 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IR LEDs 6 7 7 2x9 Low lux
Power 12v 9v-12v 9v-12v 12v-35v 12v
Installation guide Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Video inputs No Yes Yes No Yes
Warranty period Standard Amazon 2 Years 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year