Review of the Toguard H70 Digital Wildlife Camera

This is a bit of a change of direction for us.  We know about front and rear car cameras and Toguard is one of our favorite brands.  They asked us if we would like to review their new H70 Trail Camera.  We like their dash and dual vehicle cameras and so said, ‘why not?’.  We were impressed.

What are Trail cameras?

Trail, or hunting, cameras monitor what happens in your garden, farm, woods or park.  Their motion detection sensors activate the camera to record video or still images of wildlife, game, pets and people.  They work during the day and have infra red for night view too.  This also makes them good outdoor security, or spy, cameras, helping you to monitor your home, vehicles, driveway, and garden, for unwanted human intruders too.

How you use this hunting camera is up to you.  We used it in our garden and enjoyed seeing which animals arrived during the day when we were out, and during the night when we were asleep.  We also considered using it for security too as it picked up human activity really easily.

Check out our video review to see how to operate this trail cam and to watch footage recorded by us in our garden.

What’s included with the H70?

Included in the box is the camera with sensors and illuminators on the front, a strap to attach to posts or trees, full metal mount with screws and plugs to mount onto a wall (useful if using as a security camera), a micro usb cable to transfer data, plus a well-written user guide.

Externally is the camera lens, with left and right facing sensors, LED illuminators in infra red, 6v power input (no adaptor included, but to allow this to be powered via the mains as a security camera), micro usb port and AV port, a slot for micro sd card to record video and images, a threaded adaptor to mount onto external wall mounts, and as it’s for outdoor use, a waterproof seal.

The camera with the screen and the battery storage is inside.


  • 1080/720P HD Video Recording and up to 20mp still image resolution.  You can determine the resolution depending on how much memory you want to use on your SD card.  So if you want to leave it running for weeks on end, then pick a lower resolution.  If you really want a good photograph of that elusive critter over a couple of nights, then set it to high.  Your choice.
  • 2.4” TFT LCD Display
  • 75ft/22m triggering distance with a 20m range of IR LED.  Wide angle view.
  • 0.3 – 0.5 seconds trigger speed, 120 PIR Sensor that works with infra red in the dark.
  • Ip56 Waterproof Level, means it will put up with some bad weather.
  • It has up to 6 months’ standby time.  There is the option with 8 batteries to film over a long period, but it can operate for a shorter time with just 4.  Alternatively, you could mount it onto a wall for permanent detection, and power it from the mains supply.
  • At night, the infra red illuminator does emit a dull red glow, but isn’t noticed by animals and probably wouldn’t be seen by a human intruder either.

What we like:

  • As with most Toguard products, there is the opportunity to get free gift, including a free SD card, if you leave a review on the Amazon page.  This is a nice touch.
  • Includes option to take photos, video or both with time lapse of your choice.
  • Good images, both video and still, even at night.  It does record audio, but the microphone is very quiet.

Our Conclusion:

  • This Toguard H70 Trail Camera is very well made and sturdy.
  • It worked well at detecting animals, even small wildlife, during the day and night, including song birds.
  • It is completely silent in operation.

We recommend the H70 for use in the garden, or in the woods, and should you wish to monitor potential intruders and use it as a security camera, it is very discreet.

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