The CE55 is the best dash cam from Toguard we’ve reviewed to date!  Read on for the main features and options.  To watch the full review, including footage, how to fit the camera and a demonstration on how to use Toguard’s software, see our video:

What’s in the box?

  • The camera – this is smaller than usual and very lightweight.
  • A USB cable that provides power to the unit.
  • GPS device to locate your vehicle when recording footage.
  • Sticky mounts and a spare sticky pad so you can move the camera into a different vehicle.
  • Cable to transfer data from the camera direct to your computer.
  • Fitting kit – a really good addition to help you to fit the camera easily.
  • A double USB port plug.
  • A well written instruction manual.
  • Warning sticker for your window.
  • Offer of a free gift, including a class 10 micro SD card, if you review this camera on Amazon.


  • The set up menu is easy to navigate.
  • Video and still photo mode option.
  • Playback function to review videos and pictures.
  • Video resolution options.  We prefer the 4k option to get good video quality.
  • Loop recording allows you to set the length of video files which are then overwritten in order on the card.
  • Travel lapse – this allows you to record in faster speed for viewing back.
  • Power on recording – the camera automatically turns on with your ignition.
  • Time stamp shows when the videos were recorded.
  • Number plate stamp allows you to personalise the videos for your car.  This could be useful if the footage was used to settle a dispute.
  • Parking monitor – set to high to enable the G sensor to record a short video clip if your car or truck is bumped when parked.
  • G Sensor – options to set the sensitivity.  This allows any footage recorded of a collision to be saved and not written over automatically.
  • Sound recording – audio in the cabin.  This could be useful if you are pulled over.
  • Light frequency – to enable good video when driving at night.
  • Delay shutdown – the time it takes for the camera to turn off after the power is cut.
  • Options to set language, time and date.
  • WiFi hotspot to allow the camera to connect to your phone.
  • GPS function records the speed and position of your vehicle.  This is optional!

The software, picture quality and GPS functionality are all similar to the Campark DC10 which we have already reviewed.  To find out more, click here.

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