TOGUARD 8" Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear (CE39)

What's included?

This system comes with a protective covering across the entire 10” mirror – yes the actual replacement rear view surface is slightly more than 10” across. The 8” is the diagonal of the actual screen picture from either camera.

The box includes an information and instruction   manual, adhesive pads for fitting the rear facing camera, clips to the power cable from the mirror dashcam to tucked it behind the windscreen surround. There is a small tool to help push cables in place around the car.

  • Recordings from both front and rear cameras are of excellent quality and certainly sufficient for reading licence plates if necessary.
  • The forward dashcam has a resolution of 1080P which provides excellent quality footage from a wide angle of 170 degrees.
  • The reverse camera provides a better image than many with its 720P resolution at 140 degrees angle of view.
  • Both day and at night there is a clear picture using 6 LED lights to help in poor light. The waterproof back camera is designed for installation outside the vehicle.
  • The real advantage of a mirror screen is its touch controls panel. This is so much easier to operate than the buttons on standard dashcams. You can switch camera views at will. Also the SD card is accessible for when you want to load it to a computer.
  • Decent sized replacement rearview mirror with anti-glare.
  • Really good offers if you send Toguard the review you leave on Amazon!

As you would expect, Toguard includes Loop recording, G sense locking in the event of an accident or sudden change in vehicle speed, a parking monitor which will power the camera on if the vehicle is touched when parked are all included.

Our conclusion:

This is an excellent dual camera system for most vehicles at an affordable price.

For full details and footage from both cameras, watch our video.