Okay, so air compressors can seem less exciting than cameras, but when you have a flat tire, or a leak, they can get you out of a lot of bother!  We’ve been using the Ring RAC630 12V Automatic Digital Compressor for a couple of years now and can recommend it.

This is a bit of a change of direction for us, but as we’re concerned with vehicle safety, and having correctly inflated tires is a must, reviewing a portable air compressor makes sense.

The Ring RAC 630 has a LED Work and Safety Light (great for when you have a flat or another emergency in the dark), and can inflate a fully deflated car tire in under 3 minutes.  It can live in your boot, and be there when you need it.  Just connect to the power socket in your car or truck, and your tire can be inflated to a safe pressure in minutes.

To find out more, watch our video review:

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