We have been delighted to receive comments and questions from UK residents. So, we have done our research to discover which front dash and rearview cameras that we have checked and/or reviewed are currently on sale in the UK.

These vehicle camera and recorder kits are available now.

Budget Dashcams

TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam Full HD 1080P

APEMAN In Car Dash Cam 1080P FHD

Possibly the best of the budget priced dashcams. Good images in daylight and better than many in poor light conditions provided you use a class 10 SD card.

CROSSTOUR In Car Dash Cam Mini 1080P FHD

CROSSTOUR Dash Cam 1080P Full HD

This produces reasonable pictures but is not so good at night. Motion detection is a useful extra.

SENWOW Dash Cam 1080P Full HD

Very popular because of the low price. An adequate dashcam in good light, but is not so clear at reading number plates at night.

Mid Range Dashcam

Full 1080p HD, WiFi phone app, GPS notification

Premium Range Dashcam

Full 1440p HD, Wifi phone app, GPS notification,
Anti-glare filter.

Budget Reversing Cameras

LEEKOOLUU Wireless Backup Camera and Mirror Monitor


AUTO-VOX M1 I cable Reversing Camera, IP68 waterproof

Mid Range Reversing Cameras

PODOFO Wireless Reverse Camera HD,
7" Monitor, IP67 waterproof, 12-24v power


  • Digital Wireless technology.  New upgraded digital wireless gives a stronger and stable signal.
  • 150° Wide Angle lens and 28 infra-red lights aid high definition clear night vision.
  • IP69 Waterproof specification.

We like:

  • Easy Installation: No complex wires, just connect the camera to reverse light, and connect the charger to cigarette lighter socket to power the monitor.
  • Automatically turns on when in reverse gear.
  • Podofo Customer Service: 2 Year Factory Warranty and free replacement for any defective item when receive. Lifetime Support and 24 hours customer service.

AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Reversing Camera Kit,
IP 68 waterproof

Dual Dash and Reversing cameras systems

These kits provide vision and recorded footage of front and rear views from the vehicle.

We think that if you consider it important to record what happens in front of your vehicle, then you should give the same importance to what occurs behind you. Your car or truck can be damaged from behind as well as at the front.  In both cases, you will benefit considerably in a dispute if you have a recording of the events just prior to the accident.

The extra cost of a dual system does not need to be high. The kits we have reviewed are shown below.

Budget Dual Camera System

Jeemak Dual Lens Dash Front and Rear
1080P+720P cameras system, 4” screen

Mid Range Dual Kits

TOGUARD 7" Mirror Dash and Reverse Camera  

Dual Front and Rear View Cameras system. Touch Screen, LED Night Vision, WDR Loop Recording, Motion Detection, G-Sensor.

This kit equals the X1 (shown below) except it does not include streaming media or GPS technology. Both front and reverse cameras have very high resolution images and excellent night vision.

Auto-Vox is one of our favourite brands.  It is well worth a look.

Premium Dual Camera

AUTO-VOX X1 9.88"
Mirror Streaming Media Dual Dash and AHD Reversing Camera Kit. with Night Vision, Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, LDWS, and GPS notification.