Why you should consider a mirror backup camera system for your  vehicle.

Some of the very best vehicle video camera brands now sell their reverse camera and dashcam as one system using a replacement mirror as the monitor for both. The difference in price between a good quality single backup camera and these double camera kits is very little.

When you think about it, the vehicle backup camera is a very valuable safety aid when you are backing up, especially if you find turning your head right round not as easy as it used to be.  And it is normal for a driver to look in the rear view mirror when backing up, so what better place to show the reversing space image?

The advantages offered by rear view mirror monitors are:

  • They take up no more (or very little more) space in your front view through the windshield;
  • The controls are touch screen and simple to find;
  • In some systems you can use the video vision of what is behind your vehicle as a normal rear view mirror thus providing a wider and more comprehensive picture of following traffic;
  • You will have a dash recorder within the rear mirror unit and avoid the need to fix one to your windscreen.

Both front and rear facing cameras’ video footage is recorded and therefore available as evidence in an insurance claim or other serious event. Police often request dashcam recordings to help their investigation and online magazines and news media make frequent use of witness camera videos.

These dual dash and reversing cameras systems have both front and rear camera video footage being recorded on the micro card in the monitor, as well as the rear camera operating automatically when the vehicle is in reverse gear.

This is the best of both worlds!

We recommend you consider these aftermarket kits before you make a purchase.  Click on the buttons below to see our advice and read our full reviews.

TOGUARD Backup Camera 7" Mirror Dash Cam Touch Screen 1080P Rearview Front and Rear Dual Lens with Waterproof Reversing Camera

  • Up to 32GB card so plenty of footage space.
  • G sensor lock for locking recording in an emergency stop/accident; motion detection when parked.
  • Powered from cigarette lighter via a charger (supplied).

  • TOGUARD Backup Camera 4.3" Mirror Dash Cam 1080P  Touch Screen Front and Rear Dual Lens Waterproof Rear Camera

    This is a good budget dual camera aftermarket kit for most vehicles.

    • It can use 12 to 24V power supply.
    • The large replacement mirror monitor will extend slightly beyond most car rear view mirrors which looks quite cool.

    PRUVEEO D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Channel with Waterproof Reversing Camera

  • The large 7” replacement mirror screen fits over your existing rear view mirror and is held in place with straps – these must be pulled tight to avoid vibration.
  • The image from the 1080P dashcam is very good but the 480P backup camera is slightly less effective...

  • YI Mirror Dual HD Dashboard Camera with Touch Screen, Rear View HD Camera, G Sensor

    Emergency recording is covered by a G Sensor so footage preceding an accident will be safeguarded in case it is required as evidence...

    AUTO-VOX X1 Dual Dash Cam and Backup System

    This dual camera system includes a lot of quality extras including streaming media to enhance the images, GPS, FHD recording with WDR technology, warning signs, sound.

    CHICOM 7“ Dash Cam 350 Degree Rotating Camera Dual Lens  Video Recording, Reversing Camera with Full HD 1080p

    One extra feature for this system is that you can turn the front lens around almost 360 degrees if you wish to record in a different direction...

    JEEMAK Backup Camera 4.3” Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam 1080P Rearview Front Rear Dual Lens Dashboard Recorder Waterproof Reversing Camera

    This is a very popular model with good customer feedback...