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A great feature with this Pyle hard-wired camera system is its monitor which is contained in a replacement rear view mirror – not a clip on mirror. It also has two video feeds and so can be used with other devices such as an iPhone connected to Google Maps for GPS duty.

Pyle is a well-known name in the vehicle backup and dash camera market and this particular reverse camera kit has received good reviews from buyers, commenting especially on the OEM replacement mirror as the monitor and the quality of the camera’s image both day and night.

The camera fits firmly on to the rear license plate and it has high IP67 waterproof and dust rating which helps with a rearview camera fitted low on the vehicle.

As this is a wired kit, either you need to be capable of running and connecting the cabling yourself or pay a professional service to install the system for you.


Using 12 volts power, this Pyle backup camera kit is a good selection for a car, a pickup truck or a van with rear view mirror.

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