The Nextbase 312GW  is a good reliable dash cam in the UK.  Unfortunately, it is not currently available on Amazon in the USA.

Dash cameras not only record what happen in front of you, they can help with parking, record the interior of the car and even include GPS mapping.  They could well be a worthwhile addition to your vehicle.

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The 312GW is sturdily made with control buttons easily available. Navigating through the settings menu is straightforward although the red button for saving important clips is a bit small so it is advisable to know exactly where it is positioned when driving in case you need to use it.

We like:

The screen is 2.7” which is large enough to help in positioning the dashcam on the windscreen. The unit records in 1080 pixels HD resolution and provides a superb daylight image using a 6 element lens. In poorer light and in artificial lighting, there is a deterioration in picture quality – but this is true of almost all but the most expensive kits. However, the results are more than useable and good enough for recordings to prove insurance claims. In fact, some insurers give a discount when this dashcam is on the vehicle.

You can use up to a 32GB card so there is plenty of room for hours of recording, but it is not provided with the purchase.

The camera mount slides into its bracket and so can be removed when required or for security reasons. This is a very handy bonus. The mount is designed to sit fairly high on the windscreen thus staying clear of the driver’s eyeline and giving a landscape view in front of the vehicle.

The GPS data should correct for time changes. You can adjust what is shown and recorded. You might wish to exclude your speed for instance. With inbuilt WiFi you can transfer recordings to other devices via the Nextbase app – which is free to download. (A tip: it is not fast so only download in small chunks). Being able to remove the recorder from its mount for this purpose is a good extra to have. With the free software you can use a recording to plot your journey and pinpoint exactly where an incident occurred for an insurance claim.

Our conclusion:

Nextbase 312GW is an excellent dash cam with extra features for use in cars and small vans.

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