Spring 2021 update:

There has never been a better time to buy car cameras. All major suppliers are back in stock, post-covid, and the range of top-quality DVRs for your vehicle has never been as large. This means that competition is keen and prices lower.

You can find a highly recommended dashcam or dual front and rear camera system for less than £50.

Most top sellers of vehicle recorders now provide excellent installation instructions and tools and accessories to help you hide the thin cabling. Also, you can buy a hardwire kit (to power your DVR system from the fuse box) from good sellers.

Below we show the best buys available today. All provide good backup service.


Claoner who also sell outdoor solar lighting, came into the car camera market in UK last year. They have sold thousands of this dual dashcam system since then and have a good customer feedback record.

We like the good night vision; decent sized screen on the dashcam for easy checking of recorded footage; LEDs on rear facing camera to aid night-time reversing and adhesive pad alternative for installing reverse camera.

An excellent choice and very inexpensive.

Front and Rear 1080P Full HD dual vehicle cameras system, HDMI 1920 x 1080 front and rear, F1.8 Night Vision 170° wide angle for dashcam and 130° view angle rear camera. 3” screen. Loop Recording, G-sensor and Parking Monitor.

You can buy just the front dash camera if you wish...


LIFETIME customer support. All e-mails are typically responded to in one working day with helpful advice.

We particularly like the inclusion of a 32GB SD card, a decent screen size for reversing or checking your recording, and well documented customer service backup.

Apeman have been in the UK and USA markets for a long time and have a reliable customer record. An excellent choice.

Dual dash cam for Cars front and rear with 32 GB SD Card Included. 1080P Full HD front dashcam and 720P waterproof rear camera. 170° wide angle on both cameras.  G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, and Loop Recording.

OR select a similar performance dual cameras system from Apeman but with a flat dashcam on the windscreen (with no suction cup). Also offers GPS recording with this front dashcam but this is an optional extra. This kit does not include a SD card.


Dash Cam Front and Rear Cameras FHD 1080P. 32GB SD Card provided.  3 Inch screen on the dash cam. 170°wide angle lens on both cameras.

  • Motion detection on both forward and rear cameras when parked. 
  • Good night vision.
  • 3 years’ service support.

An excellent choice at a bargain price.

IIWEY's upgraded top of the range dashcam with front and rear top quality 1440P & 1080P recordings. This system has in built GPS and WIFI, a 3” touch screen for controls including sound levels. The night vision is very clear from an ultra-low light sensor.

Allows download playback to your smart phone and uses Google maps for detail.

This is a dual dashcam system whose quality would have cost much much more just under a year ago.


An alternative seller with an excellent track record is ORSKEY with a complete dual front and rear camera recorder system.

This kit includes all the usual requirements including LEDs on the back camera to make reversing easier.

Orksey include an 32Gb SD card in their price. So, another very good deal.