This is our choice of LeeKooLuu backup camera systems. It is wireless controlled with a Mirror mount monitor that includes two video inputs. The monitor should clip on to all standard rear view  mirrors and therefore work well on most vehicles.

We like:

An excellent camera in waterproof casing (IP67 rating) that fixes to the license plate using the existing screws. The monitor has two video inputs for including other devices.

This is an inexpensive kit so there are allowances to be made.

The screen can glare a bit in bright sunlight but adjusting your rearview mirror to its night driving position should make the image clear enough. The wireless transmitter is good for this price level and should be at no more risk of outside interference than all but the most expensive aftermarket kits.

The cable installation is straightforward with the unit being powered from the reversing lights as this camera is designed for use when backing up.


With a one year warranty and good support service, the LeeKooLuu camera is a good purchase for a reasonable price. Full specification and the latest price can be found by clicking the image below: