The KDLINKS R100 is a wired installation with both the wide angled front facing camera, or dashcam, and the reverse camera inside the car or van.

The dashcam is inbuilt into the replacement rearview mirror monitor and the backup camera adheres to the rear window (inside) and so is not weatherproof – this is unusual.

The Dash camera utilises WDR technology, is HD 12996P, and provides excellent images in all light conditions from a 140° angle of view.

The Backup camera has a similar angle of vision and provides video at HD 1080P.

The mirror Monitor has a tinted anti-glare surface with a 5” picture on the  left side of the screen. Controls are by touch on the screen, clearly designated and simple to use.

There is a unique automatic motion detection feature that will operate so long as there is sufficient power in the inbuilt battery which is larger than in most dashcams and can last up to 40 minutes. This is handy if you park frequently for short periods as it offers extra visual protection of the outside of your vehicle while you are absent.

This dual system takes 64 to 128GB micro card (class 10) – but this is not included with the kit.

A G Sensor provides an emergency lock system to safeguard recorded video footage and it can also be controlled from the touch screen monitor.

Installation requires power from the cigarette lighter for both cameras and the monitor. There is a single cable carrying  both power and video wires to and from the backup camera to the monitor. The cabling supplied is long enough to cover cars and small vans.

Our Advice:

With a 1 year warranty and good customer support,  this kit would make a good purchase if you want a dual camera system.  Don’t just take our word for it – click on the image below for full information: