Dashcam recorders with replacement mirror monitors

If you plan to buy a Dashcam why not consider selecting a system that utilises a replacement rear view mirror to house the camera?  You can include a reversing camera simply and very economically.

Some of the very best vehicle video camera brands now sell the dashcam and backup camera as one system using a replacement mirror as the monitor for both. The difference in price between a good quality single dashboard camera and these double camera kits is very little.

When you think about it, the vehicle backup camera is a valuable safety aid when you are  reversing. It is normal for a driver to look in the rear view mirror when backing up, so what better place to show the reversing space image?

These systems are sold as “dual dash and reversing cameras”. This description usually refers to both front and rear camera video footage being recorded on the micro card in the monitor, as well as the rear camera operating automatically when the vehicle is in reverse gear

Things to consider before deciding which Dashcam system with a mirror monitor is right for your car

Will the replacement mirror fit in your vehicle? Measure the gap between your sun visors when both deployed. This is especially important if you are considering a larger mirror (some are 7” or more in width).

Do you want a reversing aid camera as well as a dashcam recorder for the front?

Do you want the backup camera footage to be recorded? From an insurance evidence point of view this is as important as your front dashcam record.

Will you drive much at night? The replacement mirror must have very good anti-glare properties if you do. Also it is best to have infrared lights in the backup camera for reversing at night.

Pros of a mirror monitor

  • The rear view mirror is the natural place for drivers to look before reversing.
  • You have touch screen controls instead of buttons on your  monitor.
  • It is easier to see when operating controls.
  • These kits can provide dashcams without obstruction on the windscreen and only one power cable to fit around the windshield area.

Cons of a mirror monitor

  • The less expensive mirror surfaces may not really be anti-glare and if you tilt the mirror to avoid following headlamps, your dashcam will be out of position.
  • Some replacement mirrors that are held in place with straps might vibrate slightly especially when the engine is idling.

NB: These comments refer to reflective mirror kits not non-reflective mirrors. Non-reflective mirrors are provided as monitors in camera systems used in any vehicle where there is no natural view to the rear, like box trucks or cargo vans, or when towing with a backup camera on the back of the towed vehicle

Dual dash and backup camera systems with recording of dash and backup cameras.