There is a good selection of backup camera mount styles available so you can choose one that suits your needs. Here is a list of the most common with some of the best examples of each type available.

Factory Style or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture)

As this aftermarket camera system looks like it was factory installed, it can be the most attractive proposition if you want the finish to blend with the rest of your vehicle.  It’s usually installed in the best position on your vehicle and might well include brand emblems and fixtures. As you might expect this option can be expensive.

This kind of backup camera style is designed to replicate the appearance and finish of a camera that would be mounted as a non-obligatory add-on on the vehicle. The OEM style might differ slightly from the form on original manufactured vehicles.

An example is the Toyota Tacoma Backup Camera Kit for Factory Radio (2014-2015).


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Flush Mount

The flush mount kind is made to be almost undetected. A flush mount camera is attached through a hole in the body of your vehicle.  This makes it unobtrusive and attractive for the car owner who is concerned not to damage his or her vehicle’s looks, as only the lens is visible.  However, the downside is that the cheaper models have a restricted angle of view, although the more expensive models can be angled to give a wider view.

An example is the BOSS Audio CAM25 High Resolution Color, Rear-View, Weather Proof, Wide Angle View Car Camera Featuring Night Vision.

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Snap in Mount

This type of mount is like the flush mount, but is generally lighter and smaller.  It is also able to be fitted on more locations on your vehicle.  A small hole is created using the drilling tool provided.  The camera is then snapped into this hole.  The snap in mounted camera is secure and unobtrusive too.

Surface Mount

The surface mount uses brackets or braces attached to the camera itself and when installed it allows you to rotate the unit into position. These are relatively simple to install. Usually the camera is fixed on automobiles beneath or near the number plate but sometimes the camera is installed near the top of the rear of larger vehicles especially Motorhomes, SUVs and Box Vans. Fixing brackets can vary.

An example is the Esky EC170-08 Waterproof Night Vision HD CMOS 170°Viewing Field Car Rear View Backup Camera

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Drilled Mount

This is the most secure of all mounted cameras as it has a solid base.  It can also be placed anywhere on the vehicle.  However, you need to drill larger holes into your vehicle.

Butterfly Mount

The butterfly mount allows you to attach the backup camera to the bumper or undercarriage of your vehicle.  This is of most use where the underside of the vehicle is high, or when you need to tow a trailer.  The fixings are placed not onto the vehicle, but to its attachments, where there is space to drill.

License Plate Mount

This is the only mounting system that doesn’t require drilling into the body of the car and is therefore one of the most popular especially when the purchaser intends carrying out the installation.  The camera is attached by the same screws that fit the license plate to your car.  The license plate mount is available in two kinds. One type features a wide mount that juts out every side of the device and is designed to run laterally to the top of the license plate.

An example is the Esky 170° Viewing Angle Universal Car License Plate Frame Mount Rear View Camera, Waterproof High Sensitive 8 IR LED.  

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The other type is the full bracket type which is designed to position itself at the back of the license plate and allow the placement of the camera over its top. 

But you should bear in mind that this type of mount might not be the best for you if your car has license plates placed low on the vehicle. This could make it difficult to give the camera an adequate field of view.

An example is the Esky 170 Degree HD CMOS Car Rear View Camera Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle License Plate with 6 LED EC180-47.  Click on the image for more information from Amazon.