When we were asked by Toguard to review their H70 Trail camera I decided to see what else is for sale in the home security market. Here’s what I discovered.

First - many security and garden cameras are wireless, so you don’t need mains power cables installed. This makes the camera portable and easier to place especially as they are usually waterproof.

Second – you can connect the latest trail and home surveillance cameras to your smart phone or computer via wifi for downloading and editing recordings.

Third – with an audio facility on the camera you can hear and record sounds as well as images, either at home, whilst you are away, or to check out game or other wildlife outside your house. 

Fourth - with night vision, they are good spy cameras after dark too.

We think the best two buys on Amazon right now are: 

Wyze Indoor Wireless Detection Camera


  • For less than around $30 you can have a straight forward video camera that connects to your phone when you are away. You can also store recorded video footage on a micro SD card. The picture quality is good (1080P) and you can operate this camera via Alexa if you already have that.
  • Infrared LEDs provide night time viewing and the camera can operate up to 8 x digital zoom.
  • The angle of view is just over 110 degrees which allows a reasonable choice of camera positions. The magnetic base and adhesive metal pad offers the opportunity of siting your camera on a wall or bookcase if required.

We Like:

In addition you can download firmware to add person recognition to avoid unnecessary alerts when you pet moves - if that matters to you.

There is the facility for free cloud storage (in China) if required but an SD card seems much simpler.

Our Conclusion:

So no hassle and a simple camera watching over your home whilst you are away.

Wyze Cam Pan


This model has all the above and allows you to scan your room as your camera pans around. The lens moves up and down to give a complete view.  It has night vision too and includes person recognition firmware for free.

Our Conclusion:

Well worth the extra few dollars for the features and peace of mind.

Two other hidden cameras to consider:

Yi Home Camera System

Another popular brand is the Yi home camera system with 2 cameras. It has slightly lower spec pictures (720P). 

Unlike the Wyze, there is no person recognition as yet. It is easy to use, being portable. It can stand on a table or other flat surface.

Yi has very good customer reaction and support service.  We think it is well worth considering.

Toguard H70 Trail Camera

Although marketed more as a hunting, or wildlife watching outdoor camera, its motion detection and night view properties make it well worth considering for security purposes too.