This review is for the Esky EC135-05  Rear View Camera.

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  • Has 135-degree viewing angle
  • Has 7 infrared LEDs for better performance in low-lit settings and guaranteed safer drives
  • Has excellent image resolution by way of 420 TV lines, 135-degree viewing angle and 628 X 586 pixels
  • Backed by 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month replacement warranty and lifetime support guaranty
  • Has helpful customer support


The Esky EC135-05 is well constructed and well designed.

This model has a 135-degree viewing angle which covers most of your blind spot when reversing your vehicle. It also includes seven infrared LEDs that will help with your driving at night and in low-light settings.

The model provides top notch images courtesy of its 420 TV lines and 628 x 586 pixels. You will be provided with crisp, clear images of what goes on behind your car.

It makes for easy installation too. All you need to do is install the device to the vehicle’s license plate spot, the back window or any spot that fits the device.

For better rear view precision, adjust the lens of the device. Connect the power wires, which have black and red colors to the DC 12V power setup of the vehicle, then connect the video output, which is the yellow wire to the display in your car. It’s simple, fast and it will not require you to make use of any other tools.

The wires that were included on the device are sufficiently long enough in order to proceed with the installation. Users will not have to provide any extra wires for the setup.

Even after being installed for a few weeks, the lens did not display any signs of condensation or fogging even under lots of rain or snow.


While the camera did well in the photo results, remember that this is not an HD camera model thus it will not compare to the output produced by such devices. Unfortunately, the product was actually not that waterproof.

After a while, the lenses acquired water from rain and snow which lead to the device’s malfunction. One sure cause of this though is improper installation so in case you have installed this yourself without any help from an expert, you can consult a professional to check the procedure.

Also, the product did well during the day, but it was not that impressive at night.


The Esky’s EC135-05 Rear View Camera is a satisfactory product. The device was easy to install, performed well for backups and supplied decent images. It is worth spending your money on.

If you are wary though of it having waterproofing issues, maybe it is wise that you look for another backup camera model that ranks better when it comes to waterproofing qualities.  Click on the image for more information from Amazon: