Emmako Backup Camera and 4.3″ Monitor for car/SUV/pickup/smaller truck etc.

We like:

The Emmako is a single wired system powered by one source, either reversing lights for use when just backing up, or a cigarette lighter or similar permanent source for a full time driving view.


  • A power supply of 9-14 volts is required.
  • The 4.3” Monitor screen can be mounted with double-sided stickers provided and so removed if required. It offers 2 video inputs so could also cover a dashcam or other device. Control menu buttons at the side rear of the monitor.  For more advice on backup camera monitors, see our post.
  • The reverse camera gives a 135° angle of view with 7 infrared LEDs for poor light conditions.
  • IP68 waterproof rating which is particularly useful if the camera is placed low at the rear of your vehicle.

Our conclusion:

Customer offers include an installation service, instruction manual or video.

With a 2 year warranty period, this Emmako system seems to us to be a worthwhile deal at a very low price.

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