Vehicle backup cameras are not just cool accessories for your ride, they will give convenience, security and safety.  The camera may seem a costly investment, but just keep in mind the expenses that will come with accidents, from repairs to higher insurance premiums. Those expenses will make backup cameras more affordable.

This review is for theChuanganzhuo Backup Camera and Monitor Kit.

If any terms are unfamiliar to you, see our Backup Camera Terms Explained page.


  • Supports 12V power systems
  • Monitor operates automatically and will display video from camera when reversing
  • Supports video equipment from vehicle DVD, VCD, STB, camera and satellite receivers
  • Has waterproof license mount
  • Has HD color CMOS image sensor with 648 X 488 pixels NSTC
  • Has wide viewing angle macro lens
  • Has distance scale line
  • Package includes a 4.3-inch TFT LCD monitor, the camera, two 1.5 meter power cables, a 6-meter power cable, and a welcome guide.


This model from Chuanganzhuo is a wired type and it provides the same features that a high-end backup camera offers at a more affordable price.

The product has a broad field of view, water-resistant properties, night vision, and a lot more. While it does not include genuine night vision elements, it does make driving in low lighting conditions more secure by means of its infrared LEDs and an infrared sensor.

It provides similar results as night vision features. Being able to perceive what is within the location in low-lit settings is important.

The field of view indicates the width of the viewing angle. A device with a wide angle lens can catch the surroundings better and it offers the user with a whole idea of what is all over them.  The model has a 170-degree viewing angle and it provides the broadest field of view on hand on most backup cameras at present.

Mounting the camera is fast and simple. However, this is not the wireless kind so you will still have to run cables the extent of your vehicle.

This product has a reasonable price and is quite efficient. It provides a display and image quality that are decent, and have gathered a good number of positive feedback from most customers.


The product does not have a warranty, which means you will not be provided with a replacement if, in the unlikely event, it malfunctions.


The Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera and Monitor Kit is a good system that allows you to save money without scrimping on its functional features. While installation might require effort, this one will still provide you with value for money.  To see the best price on Amazon today, click on the image below: