Our Video Review:

The makers of Campark and Toguard contacted us in June 2019.  They had seen our video reviews on YouTube and wanted us to review their latest DC10 Pro 4K Ultra HD dash camera.


What we like:

  • The hardware – this unit has a good camera with a good quality picture.  It has an upgraded video resolution and this shows in the footage, both day and night in the video review.
  • GPS shows the speed, location and co-ordinates of your vehicle.  This will be very useful as evidence should you need proof of an incident.
  • Everything you need to fit the camera is in the box.  The cable is a generous length, plus the adaptor has 2 USB sockets, so one can power your phone if needed.
  • Really good internal life battery so if G Sensor is tripped, the video is a decent length.
  • The wifi link to the phone is a great idea too and the Toguard software works well.
  • If you review on Amazon, check out their free offers, including a SD Card.

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