This review is for the Boss CAM 25 camera.  It is a good example of a backup camera that is flush mounted.  For more information on the types of camera mounts, see our post, Choosing the best mount for your backup camera.  If any terms mentioned in this post are unfamiliar, our Backup camera terms explained page may help you.


The Boss CAM25 camera is designed for flush mounting and as part of a wired system.  It does not come with a monitor.

It includes a wiring diagram which is fairly basic so if you intend connecting this camera to an existing monitor you will need sufficient knowledge and skill to carry out the fitting. Remember to check that the camera is the right way up and that it all works before sealing the wiring and the camera body into your vehicle.

The camera can be adjusted to find the optimum angle so you have a choice of where to install it.

The Specification is a good standard for a unit this size and price.


The Boss CAM25 requires an NTSC Monitor.  Mostly they are color image with resolution of 628 x 582 pixels (420 TV Lines).

The camera connects to a 12 volt power supply.

There is a 120 degree Angle of View. Certainly sufficient for most cars and SUVs, this is wide enough for fitting above the level of the bumper or license plate.

The Night Vision range is 5 to 6 metres which is good enough using Infrared lighting. Boss claims a LUX reading (clarity in poor light) of 0 which is excellent.


All in all a reliable camera provided you have a suitable monitor.  Click on the image to see the best price on Amazon: