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Here are 2 of the best wireless backup camera kits for motorhomes, trucks, larger cars and trailers:

Podofo Wireless 2 Camera System

Tadibrothers 7″ Monitor with 2 Wireless Cameras

For more information on backup tips for trucks, RVs and vans, see our post.  If any terms mentioned in this post are unfamiliar, our Backup camera terms explained page may help you.

Podofo Wireless 2 Camera System

This review is for the Podofo Wireless Vehicle 2 Backup Cameras.


The Podofo Wireless 2 Camera system has a solid look Monitor and two Waterproof backup cameras.   It is suitable for larger vehicles, including trucks, RVs and trailers, as well as cars.   The power is between 12 and 24 volts which is OK for most vehicles.


The 7″ Monitor has a stand for fitting to the dash and shows guide lines with a color image. There is a remote control as standard or use the picture ratation button to select which camera image you require. It has a TFT flat panel screen using standard PAL imaging which should provide a good picture.

Camera features

Both rearview cameras have an Angle of View of 120 degrees with resolution of 582 x 510 pixels using Pal imaging. This a good size picture for the purpose.

Each backup camera has 18 Infrared lights for use in poor visibility and give with night vision up to 15 meters. With aluminium waterproof covers they have fixing brackets and can be mounted on any flat surface on your vehicle.


This is a budget system where two cameras and sturdy equipment is required. However, bear in mind our reservations regarding where to employ wireless kits.

This reverse camera kit is backed by Amazon’s 30 day returns policy.

Podofo Wireless Vehicle 2 x Backup Cameras Parking Assistance System Ir Night Vision Waterproof Rear View Camera + 7″ Monitor for RV Truck Trailer Bus

Tadibrothers 7″ Monitor with Two Wireless Cameras

This review is for the Tadibrothers 7 Inch Split Monitor with 2 Wireless Mounted RV Backup Cameras.


The Tadibrothers camera kit is aimed at the heavy duty aftermarket for Trucks,Vans, Motorhomes and Trailers such as horse boxes. The cameras can be roof mounted at the rear of vans or at the side of trucks and other working vehicles. This is a versatile kit. Because it is wireless controlled it is probably more useful outside dense wifi traffic areas.


The 7″ Monitor has built in digital transmitters, is sturdily built and provides either suction or screw mounting brackets. You can have a connection via the cigarette lighter for quick installation.

The image is color and includes guide lines.

Camera features

Both reverse cameras have 120 degrees’ field of view and military grade night vision that activates automatically as light conditions deteriorate. These are tough cameras with adjustable fixing brackets and should be capable of regular work on commercial and farming or industrial vehicles.

The manufacturer claims HD quality images from the CCD lenses. With built in transmitters these backup video cameras are simple to install. They are expected to work up to a range of 150 feet which is further than most wireless cameras on the aftermarket.


We have reservations with wireless backup systems mainly due to outside interference that cannot be controlled by the camera user. However Tadi Brothers seem very confident with this kit and if it does not come up to your expectations you can always return it under their 30 day refund guarantee.

Tadibrothers 7 Inch Split Monitor with 2 Wireless Mounted RV Backup Cameras.

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