What is an OEM camera?

If you don’t want to buy a new vehicle and if your late-model vehicle does not have a backup camera installed, there’s an aftermarket Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) camera available that will work as well as a factory original. It will also fit into your existing trim, and if you have one installed, into your dashboard monitor.  This is our recommendation:

Master Tailgaters

(fits both Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2007-2013 models)

This is a good substitute for the factory units on Silverado and Sierra pickups – it looks the same as a black factory fit. The Camera works well with a wide angle of view and Master Tailgaters provide sufficient cable for most pickups – obviously this depends how you run the wiring and if you are just replacing an existing tailgate camera handle. Fitting the handle is straightforward using existing bolts.

The Camera (NTSC or PAL) – the most important part of the kit – gives a good color image, with permanent grid lines, and fair night vision. You can connect the 12 volt power source either to be on all the time or just when reversing. This camera has a top waterproof rating and can be adjusted to get the best view.

Master Tailgaters give a long warranty period with their products so this is a safe buy.

Before purchasing, check the back of your Monitor/Screen that you have a Yellow RCA input for easy installation.

Not designed for connection to existing factory fitted Monitors although it has been done successfully by professional installers.