This post is looking at Backup and Dash cameras suitable for Trucks, RVs, Pickups, Cargo Vans, Trailers, SUVs (Four by Fours), Campers.

This post gives you up to date advice on the best aftermarket cameras systems and where to buy them for your vehicle.

Wireless Backup Cameras

Not so long ago Wireless rear cameras were considered too unreliable for larger vehicles due to radio signal interference from external sources or from the truck itself. But continuous efforts have been made by reverse camera systems manufacturers to reduce this problem or, in some cases, claimed to have overcome it.

The kits shown here all have good customer records for little interference or no problem at all.

SVTCAM SV-928WF Wireless Backup Camera System

Another very interesting idea for trucks  and RVs from SVTCAM. You use your smart phone or tablet as the Monitor. Many drivers have a phone device on a stand/holder in the cab so why not add reversing camera screen to its tasks.

By using a Wifi app downloaded free from SVTCAM your phone will receive HD real-time images from the backup camera as it creates its own hotspot.

The camera is good quality with an IP68 waterproof rating. Infrared LEDs ensure good night vision and it has a firm fixing bracket. The wireless antenna is part of the camera housing – so just one short cable from the camera to the reversing light circuit and the installation is complete.

ZSMJ Wireless Backup camera system

What we like about this system is its sturdy manufacture and the excellence of the camera signal. For the driver of a long vehicle like a camper or motor home, or, of course a truck this kit provides a very good backing up view but also the ability to look at what is behind you on the road. Instead of wiring the camera into reversing lights supply connect to driving lights or alternative on-while-driving circuit.

The wireless signal is strong and a 7” Monitor screen gives a larger than usual view. This monitor looks like it means business with a strong looking fixing plate. There are 2 video ports so an existing Dashcam or other device can be connected at the same time. V1/V2 cabling is provided and switching is simple from one camera to the other.

The monitor can be hardwired or draw power from the cigarette lighter plugin.

The hard metal Camera covers a wide angle 150° angle of view and has a IP68 waterproof quality. 16 infrared LEDs ensure good night vision without disturbing following drivers.

The power range is 12v–24v so very suitable for most larger vehicles.

This is a good choice of a wireless backup camera kit for long vehicles and for towing.

Zeroxclub digital wireless reverse camera system

This 2nd generation Digital Wireless Backup Camera kit claims no interference to the transmission from camera to monitor which has a good sized 7” LCD screen. The monitor is powered from the cigarette lighter socket so installation is straightforward.

The backup camera uses a CMOS sensor and HD image processor and can be wired to the reversing light circuit. With an IP69 waterproof rating and 140 angle of view this comprises a decent reversing camera system.

Power range from 12-24V should accommodate a wide range of heavy vehicles.

Customers  report a quick and efficient response to questions so this seems a good wireless backup camera kit for the bigger vehicle market.

Wired Backup Camera Systems

Hard wired reverse camera systems are still the preferred choice for many large vehicle buyers. Often this is because they are well capable of installing a wired kit but whatever the motivation some people consider hardwire systems more efficient. The selection that follows includes well tried kits from respected names in the vehicle camera business.

CAMECHO 12V 24V Vehicle Backup Camera System 2 Rear View Cameras

We like this kit as it includes 2 rear view cameras for long vehicles or for towing. The system contains all the key features needed for a good reliable and versatile reversing aid.

It is a wired system with robust cameras and mounts and includes a V1 V2 switch to view one or both cameras as required. Each camera has 34 feet of cable – if you need a longer feed extra wiring can be obtained.

Both cameras come with top rating for waterproofing and are strong enough for commercial use. Each has 18 infrared lights for night and poor visibility and the images are of high quality.

This aftermarket kit offers a range of power from 12 volts to 24 volts so meets most needs.

The Monitor has a dash mount but it could be fitted elsewhere with a bit of ingenuity. It has a 7” HD screen with guide lines. Operate by V1/V2 switches or the remote control that is provided.

This Camecho aftermarket backup camera kit is an excellent choice for larger vehicles. It comes with support service and a 12 month warranty period.

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7" Display RVS-770613

Everything about this aftermarket kit is high quality. The installation is hard wired and uses Aircraft grade cabling to ensure a firm fix and long life in hard working conditions. RVS is happy to supply any extra cabling if the 66 feet supplied will not reach in your vehicle.

The color Monitor is a good size on a fixing stand. It has built in speakers so that you can hear as well as see what is behind your vehicle. This is even more useful if someone is spotting as you reverse. Combine these rear camera features with good side view mirrors and you are well covered for backing up. There are guide lines marked with distances to aid reversing and a sunshade if required.

The cameras covers 130° degrees of view. This is fine and provides a good view  at the rear of the truck. The camera is fitted with 18 infrared lights for night or bad light conditions. This is particularly important when you have no spotting help in backing up.

The highest rating for waterproofing and vibration control ensures a steady reliable image on the monitor screen. This kit is strongly made Including the mounting brackets.

The RVS-770613 is a serious system for installation on larger vehicles and especially where hard use is anticipated – support available.  Click on the image for more information.

Rearview Safety RVS-770614

The REARVIEW RVS-770614 is another hard-wired installation of high quality kit and includes 2 reverse cameras. The system comes with sufficient aircraft grade cabling for most requirements and if you do need slightly more for your towing set up this is available from RVS. The power input is between 9 and 32 volts which covers most vehicles requirements.

The 7” Monitor has built in speakers which are very handy when you have a spotter helping you reverse into a tight space. This monitor has a removable sunshade – a good addition under very bright daylight conditions. Three available channels allow for another camera if necessary. A high quality color image and adjustable guide lines provides a very attractive backup camera system for trucks and other large vehicles.

The two reversing cameras are waterproof. In fact, the declared IP rating is as high as it gets – it rates as ‘Protected from total dust ingress’ and ‘Protected from steam jet cleaning’. However, we are not recommending that you try steam cleaning these cameras. They also claim the highest vibration rating. This demonstrates how hard RVS have tried to ensure trouble free life for their cameras.

Each camera has a resolution of 620 TV lines. They have surface mount brackets. The angle of view is 130 degrees, which is fine, and there are 18 Infrared lights per camera for night vision up to 50 feet. You can fit both to the rear of one main vehicle or split them between the main and towed vehicles.

We recommend that you employ a professional fitter unless you are proficient at this sort of task.  You might like to check out Amazon’s Professional Fitting service.


This is a good backup camera system for larger and commercial vehicles, and for towing duties.  Click on the image to find the best price from Amazon:

For Pickups if you prefer to replace the tailgate handle with a Backup camera kit:


A backup camera system for pickup trucks that replaces the tailgate handle with one including a totally waterproof rear camera (IP68) and a 10G vibration rating. The MT9V136 backup camera has an angle of view of a very wide 170° and has excellent night vision and provides an OEM look.

This system features the RVS G-Series monitor which replaces the existing rear view mirror for a clean look. Its screen is 4.3 inches wide and pushed to the left of the mirror to be more easily viewed by the driver. This monitor comes with adjustable grid lines, allowing you to adjust the grid lines to be completely accurate regardless of where you mount the camera.

Certainly a smart looking installation for pickups.  Click on the image below for full information.

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