Should you pay more for a premium backup camera?  Do budget models have the same features?

We’ve looked again at both budget and high-end reversing cameras to find out whether it’s really worth paying more  for premium models.

Vehicle cameras vary widely in price, even from the same manufacturer. So with the option of paying less than $40 or somewhere close to or even more than $100, what do you actually get if you choose to spend more on the pricier option?

We found there are three things that differentiate premium backup cameras from standard models:

  1. More features such as zoom option, infrared vision enhancement…
  2. Premium extras like full loop recording of video footage, GPS…
  3. Higher picture resolution that certainly improves poor light viewing and recorded detail, more protected wireless transmission…

Here are our picks of the best and the best for less:

Budget at under $50

Toguard Backup and Dash Camera 4.3" Mirror Touch Screen Monitor

Like many brands nowadays, Toguard’s backup cameras are sold as part of a dual camera system covering both front and rear of your vehicle. This means a hardwired installation.

Whilst the dashcam resolution is fine, the reversing camera can be rather dim in poor light or at night.  So, you will require good street or driveway lighting for best results.

To download video footage to another device, you will need to remove the SD card from the monitor.

LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor

This is a wireless transmitted signal backup camera which means it is simpler to install. Sufficient cable can be purchased to fit this kit to a large vehicle.

The monitor can be mounted on the dash or windshield. This kit allows for a second connection to the monitor, so you could add a dashcam.

Emmako Backup Camera and 4.3" Monitor

Again, this is a wired backup camera kit with a dashboard monitor, and a reverse camera that is installed using the license plate holding screws. The camera includes LED lights to provide night vision.

Upgraded, but still under $100

Generally, cameras have wider fields of view and better night vision using either LEDs or infrared lighting. Larger monitors or touch screen mirrors enhance both vision and operating controls.

Here are our top picks.

Emmako Backup Camera and 7" Monitor

Has better definition than the previous model plus a larger monitor.  If your budget stretches just that bit further, this is our pick.

Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Dual Backup and Dash Camera


TOGUARD also sells upgraded systems with larger viewing areas in the touch screen mirror monitors. Not only are the pictures larger, but in both of our choices, the video resolution is a much higher definition.  Again, you get a dashcam included in the price.

Toguard Dual Backup and Dash Camera 7" Mirror Touch Screen Monitor

Toguard with 8” Mirror Touch Screen

YI Dual Dash and Backup Camera Touch Screen

Top of the Range at Over $100

Extras in this price bracket can include GPS, infrared night vision, clear images even in low light, stable wireless signal transmission, GPS, Wifi, ADAS warning systems and a tinted mirror.

If you can afford to spend a bit more, these are our choices.

AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor

Auto-Vox is one of our favourites.   This one doesn't disappoint.

Zumimall Technology dual cameras recording, 8” touch screen monitor

Our conclusion

Generally, with backup and dual cameras, as with anything else, you get what you pay for.  However, the systems we have chosen are all good value for money with not a great deal of difference in price.  Our reviews all list their features and should help you with your buying choice.