Many different brands of vehicle cameras are on offer these days. So, where do you start?

Although it is correct that installing a front dash camera system is very easy and takes only a few minutes to complete before you are up and running – you do need to consider a few questions before purchasing the VDR to suit your vehicle.

You know how you can buy something and then later see a better choice? So, it is worth taking time to consider the following points:

1Would you prefer cameras recording both forwards and rear or just from your front windscreen?

How much are you prepared to spend?

  • Single unit dash video recorders range in price from £20 to £120; $35 to $190.
  • Dashcams and reverse camera combinations range from less than £50 up to £300; $40 to $200.

How big is the actual camera and its suction cup holder or bracket?

Will the front camera it fit behind your rearview mirror and if not, where exactly will you install it?

Will this dashcam position affect the sun visors in your car?

Do you require full time parking protection?

How does the reverse camera fix – does it require holes drilled in your car?

How will you hide the power and video cables from the camera or a wire to a separate GPS unit (if supplied)?

When you know the answers to these questions you can find the best dash camera to fit your needs!

These are our recommendations:

Garmin Mini

If you wish to hide the dashcam behind the rearview mirror then have a look at the Garmin mini.

This must be the smallest car DVR on the market. And because it is from Garmin you know that the camera will provide high quality resolution and excellent clarity.

The wide-angle lens provides an excellent view and will provide sufficient detail for recognising number plate figures in case this is required following an incident.

The low light sensor ensures adequate night vision.

Because you will probably fit this mini dashcam behind your rearview mirror, fixing the suction into position should be easy. Additionally, should you wish to install the Garmin mini as a rearview recorder it will also work well from inside the rear windscreen both day and night as it relies on a sensor to improve light vision not LEDs.

So, this Garmin vehicle camera can work well as a front facing dashcam or as a rearview recording camera. Buy two and you have a simple dual camera system for your vehicle.


Or the DDPAI discreet dash camera which is also small and unobtrusive when installed on your front windscreen.

This dashcam provides similar performance and pictures whilst offering an optional hardwire kit if you wish full time monitoring when the vehicle is left for long periods.


Probably the best dual camera system at present is the VIO4FO 4K.

The top-quality sensor gives extremely clear images from a 4K ultra HD resolution. This means that reading license plates or road signs will be easier than normal HD footage.

A GPS logger is integral to the front camera and it automatically correct the time from satellite signals. This means that all the recorded footage will be date stamped with the correct time.

Both cameras are installed with strong adhesive pads and only one thin cable needs installing from back to front of the vehicle – power to both cameras comes from the cigarette lighter (or fuse box if hardwired). Tools are provided to help installation.

Night vision is enhanced by wide dynamic range technology which will balance light and shade to ensure a clear picture.

The parking monitor saves 15 seconds of recording prior to an incident and 30 seconds following first contact.

WIFI download is faster than many, although our experience of downloading suggests it much better to remove the SD card and view on a separate computer where possible. You can use up to 256GB SD card and a card reader is included with this kit.