Towing a trailer, caravan or boat can be tricky.  Here we look at reverse camera systems that can help you to backup safely.

If you intend towing a trailer, caravan or boat then you should look at a portable backup camera kit especially designed for that purpose.  This will make the task of reversing easier and safer.  Many cameras will also enable you to see what’s going on behind you when you are driving.

There are a variety of towing solutions available that allow for a tow package connector installed on or in the towing vehicle. When the trailer is hitched up, the camera lead is simply plugged in. This system needs two cameras, one on the towing car or truck and the other fixed to the back of the vehicle being towed. The monitor then can be switched from normal rear view image to towed trailer or caravan rearview.

For instance,  one satisfied customer stated, “ I wired the camera power to my rear running lights so it is on whenever the trailer is plugged into the truck and my truck’s headlights are on. I wanted to use this camera to see behind me while I was driving and not just for backing up.”

Some of these camera kits even include a facility for guiding the reversing tow vehicle precisely to connect exactly with the trailer, caravan or boat hitch bracket. It’s so easy, it becomes a one person job. Hopkins specialize in this sort of kit.  Click on the image to see the best price on Amazon:

Because your remote camera is on a towed vehicle which might not have reversing lights, you need to consider a camera with LED or infrared lighting.  Bear in mind that if you plan to use this camera for viewing behind you when driving you must have infrared as LED will shine directly at following drivers.