AUTO-VOX is one of our favorite brands, and this hardwired Front and Rear view camera system is a class act.

Main features:

Not only does it record both dash and reverse camera video footage at the same time – in exceptionally high quality pictures, but you can adjust the image size for either camera by touching the very big mirror monitor.

This dual camera system includes a lot of quality extras including streaming media to enhance the images, GPS, FHD recording with WDR technology, warning signs, and sound.


The streaming media and WDR high definition technology provides a softer and more realistic picture which makes identifying license plate numbers and other details clearer and  easier to read.

It also allows you to adjust the image to see a larger area. This is particularly useful when backing up as you might wish to see as low as possible behind the vehicle, whereas when you are driving, you might prefer a normal view of what is behind you (as would a normal rear view mirror). This adjustment can be set as default so that when the vehicle is in reverse gear, the image will always show the lowest area behind your vehicle.

A  big advantage of having a mirror screen, especially when reversing, is that this is exactly where you are used to looking – no need to search for a separate monitor screen. And this mirror monitor offers a full width image.

The G Sensor automatically saves the recorded footage just prior to an incident but there is also a manual icon on the screen in case you want to record something and not risk it being overwritten.

Tap the icon on the screen to take a still picture on either front or back cameras. To replay, just stop the recording and tap the playback icon to select which record you wish to see – either a locked file or normal.

GPS tracking records direction, speed and a record of the route the vehicle has taken for future referral.

This system includes a lane departure warning system that emits an audible note if the vehicle veers off track.

Installation: The Dashcam slides into exact position. There is an extra adhesive pad for fixing the rear camera other than on the license plate. The cable from one camera to the other also carries the power for the backup camera. The power is from the cigarette lighter. Download via USB cable – via an App would be too slow for a kit this complex.

Instruction manual: Setting up the monitor is by touching and swiping the monitor screen. With GPS included time and location set automatically when turned on. Parking guide lines can be on or off using the touch setting. Suggested micro card, Class10, 65-128GB, is not included.

Further Details: Front camera 1296 FHD and rear camera 720P and IP69 waterproof rating; WDR; both camera recording; touch screen mirror replacement monitor; adjustable image font and back; GPS; G Sensor; Lane departure warning.

Our Advice:

This the full package if your budget will allow.  Don’t just take our recommendation – click on the image for full details and peer reviews from Amazon: