Recently introduced by Auto-Vox is this upgraded Wireless Backup Camera Kit.


  • The Auto-Vox M1W backup camera is simple to install with one wire from the camera that plugs into the wireless transmitter placed in the trunk and another cable from the transmitter wired into the reversing light connection.
  • The color Monitor held in place by a suction pad, shows a 4.3” screen has a cable to plug into the cigarette lighter. Usually this is run around the top and side of the windscreen.
  • The video footage data is sent by Wireless to the monitor.
  • The Monitor screen only activates when the vehicle is reversing and shows grid lines for measuring the distance available.
  • The new upgraded backup Camera has 6 LEDs to give excellent vision in all light conditions including at night. The LEDs will come on automatically dependant on the intensity of light at the time. The camera can be fitted to your existing license plate mount. The IP68 waterproof rating is important on a camera set fairly low on the vehicle.


The Auto-Vox M1W is a good buy from an established brand.  Click on the image for the best price from Amazon:

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