Auto Vox is a well-respected brand in the USA and UK, with a strong base of satisfied customers . It is also one of our favourites because:

  • The camera and recorder systems are well made and reliable – any problems are sorted quickly by a good customer support service.
  • There is a wide range of kits from basic wired backup cameras and dash monitors to dualled front and rear camera recorders with touch screen replacement rearview mirror monitors.
  • All cameras front and rear facing provide good to very high quality HD images.
  • Prices are reasonable and delivery is normally prompt.

Here we are reviewing seven systems that cover most budgets and vehicle requirements from cars to trucks, SUVs to campers.  They are listed in order of price bracket, low to high.

We also list 2 Auto Vox extras - a single unit backup camera and a hardwire adaptor kit.

Backup Cameras

Wired Backup Camera Systems

Auto Vox M1 

The Auto-Vox M1 is a basic backup camera system for all vehicles.

If all you require is the ability to see what is behind your vehicle – maybe you find turning round difficult, or you frequently reverse in busy areas like car parks, then this backup camera kit will do a good job.

NB:  If you do not relish the idea of running a cable from rear to front of your vehicle then read our review of the Auto Vox M1W (wireless) system below.


  • The M1 single wired kit includes a straightforward manual and enough of the single cable from the rear to the dashboard of most vehicles.
  • The waterproof backup camera is quite small and fits behind the rear license plate.
  • The camera lens sits just above the plate and covers an angle of view of 120°.
  • When reverse gear is engaged the camera will operate  and a clear view of what is behind your vehicle will appear on the monitor.

Installation advice:

  • The cable from the router to the reversing light connection will provide the original power source.
  • You need to connect the cable from the backup camera via its router to the monitor. This will provide both power and video footage to the monitor.

Our conclusion:

For the price it is very good value.

Auto Vox T2 


  • The T2 single wired vehicle camera system includes 4 mirror adaptor brackets so that this OEM mirror monitor will replace most rearview mirrors and sufficient cabling for most cars and trucks. (NB This rear-view mirror isn’t available for a vehicle if its mirror's bracket has a protective casing or a wiper sensor on its windshield.)
  • The HD reverse camera is fully waterproof and fits over the rear license plate using the existing holding screws. It contains 6 LEDs that automatically enhance visibility when light deteriorates.
  • Just like the M1 you connect a single cable from the camera via the reversing light circuit to the mirror monitor.
  • The backup view comes on automatically when the vehicle is reversed. The image is shown on the left side of the rearview mirror – about 4.5” in size. The main advantage of a mirror video monitor is that this is where drivers are used to looking when backing up.

Our advice:

The T2 camera kit meets most drivers’ requirements when reversing their vehicles.  

Wireless Backup Camera Systems

Wireless systems are for you if you prefer to avoid fitting the long cable for your backup camera system.  You can find an equivalent quality video footage by wireless transmission.

Auto-Vox M1W 

Auto W Reverse Camera System

These upgraded Wireless Backup Camera Kits are exactly the same. We mention both as you might see either separately listed. They represent probably the most sold of Auto Vox systems and have a huge and satisfied customer base.


  • Simple to install with one wire from the camera that plugs into the wireless transmitter placed in the trunk and another cable from the transmitter wired into the reversing light connection.
  • The color Monitor held in place by a suction pad, shows a 4.3” screen has a cable to plug into the cigarette lighter. Usually this is run around the top and side of the windscreen.
  • The video footage data is sent by Wireless to the monitor.
  • The Monitor screen only activates when the vehicle is reversing and shows grid lines for measuring the distance available.
  • The new upgraded backup Camera has 6 LEDs to give excellent vision in all light conditions including at night. The LEDs will come on automatically dependent on the intensity of light at the time. The camera can be fitted to your existing license plate mount.
  • The IP68 waterproof rating is important on a camera set fairly low on the vehicle.

Our conclusion:

Both cameras are an excellent choice.

Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera

The only real difference with this rearview backup camera system to the ones above, is that the mirror monitor is strapped on to your existing rearview mirror.

Otherwise the performance and quality of the HD camera and the image on screen is pretty much the same – the latest wireless transmitters are almost interference free.

If you are towing or driving a particularly long vehicle you might decide that a wired backup system will be a safer bet. But for most car and pickup backup camera drivers this wireless kit will be a good choice.

Dual Dash and Backup Cameras Systems

If you are in the market for both Dash and Backup Cameras images and recording, a touch screen mirror monitor, streaming media WDR technology for superb 1296P FHD crystal clear images, GPS tracking, lane deviation warning and parking protection, then take a good look at these models.

Auto Vox X1
Dash and Backup Camera System

The AUTO-VOX X1 records both dash and reverse camera video footage at the same time – in exceptionally high quality pictures. You can also adjust the image size for either camera by touching the very big mirror monitor.

The streaming media and WDR high definition technology provides a softer and more realistic picture which makes identifying license plate numbers and other details clearer and  easier to read.

It also allows you to adjust the image to see a larger area. This can be set as default so that when the vehicle is in reverse gear, the image will always show the lowest area behind your vehicle.

A  big advantage of having a mirror screen, especially when reversing, is that this is exactly where you are used to looking – no need to search for a separate monitor screen. And this mirror monitor offers a full width image.

The G Sensor automatically saves the recorded footage just prior to an incident but there is also a manual icon on the screen in case you want to record something and not risk it being overwritten.

Tap the icon on the screen to take a still picture on either front or back cameras. To replay, just stop the recording and tap the playback icon to select which record you wish to see – either a locked file or normal.

GPS tracking records direction, speed and a record of the route the vehicle has taken for future referral.

This system includes a lane departure warning system that emits an audible note if the vehicle veers off track.

Installation: The Dashcam slides into exact position. There is an extra adhesive pad for fixing the rear camera other than on the license plate. The cable from one camera to the other also carries the power for the backup camera. The power is from the cigarette lighter. Download via USB cable – via an App would be too slow for a kit this complex.

This the full package if your budget will allow.

Auto Vox X1 Pro Dual Dash and Reverse Camera

Even better is the Auto Vox X1 Pro dual dashcam and reverse camera system.

The extra value comes from a fully OEM replacement mirror touch screen monitor and even better digital quality – hence a higher price.

Auto Vox Extras

Auto Vox Cam 1 HD Car Rear View Backup Camera

Auto Vox also sells backup cameras as single units with no monitor.  If you need to replace a damaged camera, then this is our choice.

The AUTO-VOX Cam 1 HD Car Rear View Backup Camera of License Plate for Truck & RV with the features of IP68 Waterproof rating, High Brightness Light Sensor and Night Vision LEDs.  It will fit all cars.