About Us

We are Bruce and Anne, a father and daughter team concerned with keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. Our many years of driving in a number of countries has shown us that accidents do occur and any device that helps safer driving must be a good thing. So we promote the many major benefits of video cameras on cars, pickups, camper vans and trucks – in fact all vehicles.

The main reason for installing a backup camera is safety. Around fifty children are backed over by vehicles every week in the U.S. In over 70% of these cases, a parent or close relative is behind the wheel.  Every tragedy is one too many.  See our post, Why Install a Backup Camera, for more information.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says, ‘A rear-view video system (RVS), also known as a backup camera, is a safety technology that helps prevent backover crashes and protect our most vulnerable people—children and senior citizens.’ Safercar.gov.

In America from May 2018 all new vehicles under 10000 pound weight – that means Cars, SUVs and light Vans – must have backup cameras fitted.

Therefore, we think that every vehicle, large and small, should have a backup camera, and every driver should know how to use one.

Since we started this website we have come to recognise the great value of video cameras at the front of vehicles too. Not only do these dash cam recorders maintain footage during a journey they automatically stop the recording and safeguard events just prior to an accident. This evidence can be invaluable for insurance claims or even court hearings.

Increasingly dashcam footage is being shown on social media and called for by police to help in investigations.

Dashcams can be included with backup cameras as a dual system using the same monitor which seems to us to be the best way to go.

So we think that all vehicles should have video cameras front and rear.

That’s what our website is all about – giving you the information to help you to buy backup and dash cameras that fit your specific requirements and therefore to help you continue to drive  safely.

All views expressed in this website are for guidance only.  Please check all information available before making any purchase so that it is the right one for you. We use affiliate links to pay for this website.  Thank you.